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To love its nation and be proud of it is a sacred duty of any human.

Only vagrants have no respect and pride in a nation.


Baurzhan Momyshuly 




Everyone in its life meets interesting personalities, whose life, whose strong work ethic and talent does not leave others indifferent. Despite their uniqueness they live modest life, are not ambitious, do not try to distinguish themselves, being simple, accessible, sociable, not immediately marked for the first time. Modest people, in fact, for the most part, are very decent people. Learning these people, surrounding are lavish of the whole-hearted, sincere and emotional opinion for such persons. Conversely, society does not treat unpleasant people with their good opinions and hates guts the liars, schemers, flatterers. If the people bestow their favorites with good epithets, call the unworthy the negative names and make jokes.

I want to talk about the vivid and positive person in the true sense of the word, which is rightly deserved all that they say and write about him. And I am doubly pleased that he is my countryman, my contemporary, our worthy son of the Kazakh people and the Turkic world. He is considered an outstanding person and an outstanding personality (1). His works are recognized both at home and overseas by the admirers of his talent (2). His name is Bakhitkhozha Tulegenovich Rustemov. He is an economist, historian, theologian, writer, poet, essayist, translator, musician, winner of the literary prize named after B. Grinchenko (Ukraine), repeated jury member of international competitions of Russian poetry and literature in foreign countries (Ukraine, Belarus), multiple winner of intellectual contests in Beijing (China).

Over the past ten years, this is my second article about Rustemov. It is a research article where I refer to sources that confirm my understanding and vision about Bakhitkhozha Rustemov as a classic in the genre of literary journalism. By the way, I'm not the first who wrote a scientific article about him. Before writing this article, I had to see a lot of stuff about him – they are newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio and Internet resources. After studying the materials I concluded and am confident that he has achieved great success and real recognition both at home and far beyond.

I prepared the article with the express aim, dear reader, that you see the broad-minded and versatile range of activities of this amazing man. On whose path of life there were a lot of obstacles and difficult situations, in spite of everything, he was not broken, literally and figuratively. Instead, he stood out again and again and show others his sincerity and decency, his performance and ability to be able to love his land, his people and his country. “The road to success and recognition is made in two ways: natural and artificial. In first case, the road is not easy, but it is solid and durable. In the second, everything is temporary and ends with the madding waves of euphoria being broken by the “sharp and solid” rock of life”, - said the academician Bakhitkhozha Rustemov.

I tried to be as sincere and honest. As a representative of the creative intelligentsia, as a veteran of journalism, I know the world of relationships, world of understanding and support for the fellow writers. Not a secret that there are people who rejoice the successes of others, and there are, on the contrary, those who enviously perceive others’ success. And it is bad if envious people occupy a certain position in society and use their “status” in unhealthy interests. What assessment can such people be given, who, because of personal ambition and envy, knock and humiliate the dignity of his compatriot. Similarly, I had seen unsubstantiated negative attitude in relation to Rustemov. We can only have to regret some people have not done anything decent for society and the country, but are trying to preach someone who is a real patriot of his land, brought up children respecting their parents and others, served the people and the homeland, protected the defenseless and weak, sometimes shed his blood for (3).     

Not many people know that Rustemov works 15-18 hours a day. Within five years, he has written nearly twenty books! The author of over twenty scientific papers and three thousand publications. This is the only writer in Kazakhstan, who wrote his works in three languages - Kazakh, Uzbek and Russian - and even in Arabic. The total amount of his written works makes up more than ten thousand pages! Is not that a sensation in the Kazakh and world culture? He supports public policy that young people in Kazakhstan know three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English (4). He also encourages those who wish further to study Arabic alphabet, as the whole history of the Kazakhs was written in Arabic script and is not studied in domestic and Russian archives and archives of other countries. His books include all genres of literature, including such rare genres as political journalism and international journalism. Some of his articles were published in Korean, Ukrainian (5), Uzbek, English, Spanish, Arabic, Iranian and other languages.

 My years-long study of his work has led me to the conclusion that today he is the only one not only in Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, but also in the post-publicist who can safely put on a par with such world known as John Milton (England) Victor Hugo (France), Mikhail Fedorov (Russia), Oswald Spengler (Germany), Walt Whitman (USA), Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina), Fredro Andrzej (Poland), Noam Chomsky (USA) and others (6).


Recognition at home


Being familiar with the Rustemov’s works journalist, writer, Ph.D., academician of Kazakhstan and the European Academy of Natural Sciences Vladimir Kochenov wrote that “such spiritual heights are not immediately overcome, as it is difficult for the unprepared to overcome the Everest. This is the best domestic journalism of our time. It is gratifying that Kazakhstan has also its Otto Latsis. if it were down to me, I would recommend Rustemov’s journalism as supplementary reading to schoolchildren, and adults, it is very helpful” (7).    

It is impossible to tell everything about him in one short article. In honor of the anniversary of the writer entirely one issue of “Ұлт болмысы” – “The property of the nation” was devoted to him, due to the limited size which was unable to fully tell and reveal the activities of Rustemov too. Reporters who prepared an article for the magazine noted that stories and information collected on Rustemov may serve as material for several books.

If those who protect and earn the degree are deemed to be academic scientists, but those scholars as Rustemov are named national scientists. He is national academician. For example, a noble rice farmer Ibrai Zhakhayev was named national academician. The man had no education. His whole life he spent in the rice fields. But for the country, he did many times more than some theorists, bench scientists. As a sign of recognition and respect Rustemov was invited to international conferences, competitions, festivals in different countries. Evidence of his international competence and recognition is the fact that he was repeatedly elected a member of the jury in the international competition of Russian poetry and literature in different countries (8). And how many Kazakhs were the members of the international jury of the prestigious competition? Especially in such a serious subject as the Russian literature and Russian poetry? Is not it the prestige and pride for the Kazakh people, for the whole Turkic world: to be recognized by other peoples at the level of their talents?

That's what the newspaper “New Generation” runs, “The book “Fight and win” – is a major contribution to Russian-speaking culture in general and literature of Kazakhstan in particular. The value and uniqueness of the book is that the reader discovers new literary names, names of progressive thinkers and writers of the American continent, and learns a new world - the world of culture and literature of Latin America (9). Domestic major newspaper “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” wrote that “Name of Bakhyt Rustemov is well known in our country and abroad, and is associated with the development of the domestic international journalism, the active development of which began in the years of independence” (10). Having reported about the presentation of his book “Heritage of World Literature” Kazakh radio named Rustemov as unique person (11).

At the time, such domestic figures of culture, science and public service as Muzaffar Alimbayev, Maryam Hakimzhanova, Duysenkul Bopova Vladimir Kochenov Vladimir Gundarev, Dukenbai Doszhan, Kuandik Alimbetov recognized and supported the success of Rustemov. Today it is supported by Tholen Abdik, Aldan Smayyl, Sultanali Balgabaev, Koyshigara Salgarin, Bolat Baikadamov, Akim Osmanov, Boribay Kulmanov, Akim Yskak, Ikrom Hashimzhanov and others. Academician, Doctor of Law, Professor Esbergen Alaukhanov believes that “Bakhyt Rustemov is the pride of the nation”, the academician Amanbek Akaуev, doctor of biological and economic sciences, professor, the winner of international awards, a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, poet and composer notes that “Rustemov is highly cultured, humble and decent man. He puts the interests of the people and the country aims above all. He lived and lives with a clear conscience, so he can easily look into the eyes of his people. He is one of the representatives of the national elite, who can be regarded as the conscience of the nation. Such persons as he may worthy carry and decide the fate of the people”.

Here's what's interesting, even after thirty years and more the residents and leaders of the South Kazakhstan region, where he spent most of his life say about the great modesty and decency, strong work ethic, respect and competence of the people to Rustemov. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases, when a person retires, many forget about him, including the former colleagues, work collective?! The man stays alone with his illness, problems, loneliness and despair of old age.

As sometimes happens, Rustemov’s foreign friends talked first of his talent. It was they who encouraged him to hold his first book fair in Astana, and then in other regions of Kazakhstan. Most of his meetings were conducted to a full house and at a high level. Experience shows that real talent is first seen, supported and promoted outside the country. Getting recognition abroad comes at a price. All this impacts the human health. And thee is nothing to do with age. Human health depends on the quality of life: material and moral levels.

“With great joy I visited the exhibition of the brilliant Kazakhstan journalist Bakhyt Rustemov and had the good fortune to experience the atmosphere of love and pride that Bakhyt spreads in the development of friendship in all countries, thus making international cultural traditions and denouncing the depth of Kazakh history in other states. Only a journalist with big J is able to convey the truth to other countries and it is a great happiness to have such people in our Kazakhstan. Big thanks to Bakhyt Rustemov for the opportunity to demonstrate us the way to love homeland”. Botayeva Marina. (Astana. 2011).

Erken Sarkenov, president of the Society of Friendship Kazakhstan and Cuba, the participant in the events of the Caribbean crisis of 1962, a member of the council of veterans of war and labor from his letter to the Ambassador of Cuba to Kazakhstan, Mr. Carlos Valdes de la Concepcion: “For years, the people of Kazakhstan together with the world community exhibited activity in the prompt release by US of the five Cuban heroes. A special solidarity in this important endeavor was demonstrated by competent and well-known international community, academician, writer, member of the European Writers Congress Rustemov Bakhit, who addressed repeatedly in writing to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, US President George W. Bush and Barack Obama to lift the blockade of Cuba and to release the “Five Heroes”. He is the only writer in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, who has devoted four books to the heroic people of Cuba for the last ten years. His works are a testament to the desire for rapprochement of cultures of Kazakhstan and Latin American nations”.

Today the books of Rustemov occupy a rightful place in the library of the US Congress, a number of libraries in the Arab countries, Iran, India, several countries in Latin America, Europe, China, South-East Asia and other countries, which are an indication that the Kazakh journalism became known far beyond the outside their country. And there is a great merit of Kazakh writer. Rustemov one of the youngest writers of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, who as a writer for the past quarter of a century has taken a rightful place in the world encyclopedia “Wikipedia”.

If I do not tell the way the ordinary Kazakh writer lived and lives, my story about Rustemov won’t be complete. He is easy to communicate and responsive, always gives a good estimate about the people surrounding him (12), together with his people survived all that his people survived for the past quarter century. There were ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments.

At the time Rustemov was among those who had been brought (deployed) by the state (1997) from the old capital to the new. Despite this, he remained unemployed twice, without any justification. And yet, the bulk of the civil servants moved due to the state got an apartment for half a year and a half years old, he's got a flat in eight years (2005.). There were those who were rightly indignant at the violations committed by state agencies, but Rustemov understood the situation that was developing in society, and made no complaint to anyone. Of course, as any person he was concerned. All then affected his health. Despite the difficulties, he did not relax. Left without a job, he started a new life, everything from scratch, but with new strength and new energy. He knew and understood that a true citizen of the country can be useful to his society at any place and at any job. While he searched for a job, he was engaged in private carrying (the taxi driver).

Since this is about a man with a very interesting life, and I decided to tell about his family life, life outside the writing business who lives modestly like most of his compatriots. For a long time he lived at the expense of loans. He is the father of five children. Three of them are studying in universities: son Nursultan studied in Cuba, daughter Aigerim in Poland, daughter Saida in Vietnam, Gulsina and Ersultan study in school. Whole his conscious experience he adhered to active citizenship. The interests of society and the country for him, a man with a keen sense of justice, were always in the first place. The life and well-being of the people surrounding him, regardless of nation and religion, were more important for internationalist Rustemov than his own life. He lived a hard life sometimes full of tragedy and drama, but never deviated from his principles to be honest and decent.

Rustemov grew up in a family where the parents had own ten children and raised two more orphans. He obtained a higher education once served in the army. In his student years he lived by working as a janitor, offloaded the cars with cement, coal, wood, etc. The cannery of Almaty he worked as a loader-unloader of tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables that came in the season in carts flow of tens or even hundreds of thousands of tons.  


Worldwide recognition


It happened so in life, that to his surprise, and the surprise of many Rustemov without any prior notice or agreement was honored to be accepted by the Heads of State. Not to mention the foreign heads of state, it is difficult to be accepted by head of own state. There is no doubt that the defining characteristic of his was that, first of all, they have always considered his hard work for the benefit of not only Kazakhstan, but also for the benefit of the world community. There is no second such person in Kazakhstan yet. He as an ordinary citizen of the country, as the ordinary writer, and the first people's diplomacy brings great popularity and fame to his people and his country. Thanks to his active patriotic position in the world they would learn more, not only about nation as the Kazakhs, but also more important, he knows how to convincingly tell about the history, culture, traditions and customs not only of his people, but also some other nations of Central Asia. For example, Rustemov was honored to be on the personal audience with the King of Saudi Arabia, President of Iran, President of Vietnam, he participated in a meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei. With the personal approval of Uzbek President Islam Karimov he was the only one who was honored to be the guest of honor at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence. He had audience and meetings with the prime minister, vice prime minister and minister of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Lithuania and some other countries. He was at the meetings and receptions of heads of Writers' Unions of Vietnam, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Crimea, Yakutia, Daghestan and several others.

Rustemov became even more well-known to the international community when he honored to represent Kazakhstan in Vietnam at the Second Asia-Pacific Festival of poetry and literature, which was attended by more than 150 poets and writers from more than forty countries around the world. There he spoke in English with the current report: “The world of culture for the benefit of the people” (13). He is often invited to many international forums, conferences and festivals (14). He was devoted a special meetings, both in Kazakhstan and abroad (15). In meeting and speaking to foreign friends, Rustemov always notes that “the man and the people who bravely and proudly carry through life the banner of their ancestors are worthy of respect and admiration”.

Patriarch of the Russian international TV and radio journalism, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Vice-President of the International Eurasian Academy of Television, radio and print media, the state adviser of the Russian Federation, Professor Kipras Mazheiko, in the presentation of the diploma conferring the title of academician to Rustemov said: "I am your friend, journalist too, but not of such high rank as you, I have not reached the level of journalism ... I can see in front of me the really living classic of Kazakh journalism Rustemov that rises always in his work very acute social issues, he held a position of principle, a man who really worked for the benefit of his people ... Bakhyt Rustemov as a journalist, as a writer has done a lot to promote and to rapproch the two peoples - Kazakh and Russian” (16).

As a true son and the representative of his people Rustemov adequately represents Kazakhstan's public diplomacy to foreign guests. Foreign diplomats know him as an international public figure. For example, the Kyrgyz Ambassador to Kazakhstan E. Omuraliyev writes that Rustemov is a prominent representative of public diplomacy in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Ambassadors of Finland, Sweden and Norway: Ilkka Resenen, Mann Venborg, Ole Johan Bern in one of his letters write “wishing you fruits of labor ... and success in the multifaceted activities for the benefit of Kazakhstan” and express their deep respect for the Kazakh writer.

Ambassador of Vietnam to Kazakhstan Nguyen Van Hoa also said that he knew Rustemov as classics of the Kazakhstan International Journalism, which is an example of public diplomacy in Kazakhstan. Ambassadors of Cuba and Vietnam Carlos Valdez de la Concepcion and Nguyen Van Hoa state that Rustemov is one of the closest friends of the peoples and countries (17). This is high score for any person and authority for the Kazakh people, which has a pioneering peacemaker represented by Rustemov.

It is fair to say, I note that the diplomats know a lot about different countries, due to the specifics of their work. And to know by other people more and more, a lot of work is required. For many years Rustemov devotes himself and his work to hard work of the people's diplomacy. The only person in Kazakhstan. And the fact that he has succeeded in this field, you will learn when you get fully acquainted with my story far from being full, about this remarkable man.

Here's how Palestinian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Hussein Abu Al-Ola characterizes the Kazakh journalist: “During his mission at the Embassy of the State of Palestine, I became better acquainted with his work and personally with Mr. Rustemov: - his works always highlight such topics as humanity, compassion, International peace and harmony. When we look at what is happening around, we see a lack of values such as mutual understanding, tolerance, all the conflicts that are generated at the present time are of civil nature. We appreciate his contribution to the quest for a better life, for a world without war and disagreements, as well as the rapprochement of cultures between peoples. After all, so no wonder he is a classic international journalism, a pioneer of the Kazakh national diplomacy. And he is known as Kazakh Christopher Columbus, Kazakh Ambassador Otto Latsis and the World” (18) Venezuela's ambassador to Iran and Kazakhstan Mr. Amenotep Zambrano Contreras said by life and creative experience the writer Rustemov is a teacher for the Venezuelans in the promotion of the country (19).

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Luis Molina Cuadra and Nicaragua Ambassador to Russia Juan Ernesto Vasquez Araya are also unanimous that Rustemov is committed to his work and friendship of the peoples of the world.

Well, all unique and absolutely extraordinary phenomenon is when the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis appeals to the ordinary representative of any religion in particular Rustemov: “... I pray for you and for all the people of Kazakhstan. I beg the Almighty God for wisdom and strength for you to overcome all difficulties in life, and for the development of the nation in solidarity, justice and peace for the Kazakh people” (20)

Ambassador of Hungary to Kazakhstan Imre Laslotski: "Thanks to your initiatives and your aspirations to strengthen friendship between the nations, and it is good not only for Kazakhstan, but also for the world community. Despite advances in the international writers' and journalists' case, we are impressed by your patriotism and sincere service of your people. That's what other peoples respect you for. I am grateful to you for your contribution to the friendship between our peoples.” Here such sincere response from the heart and soul is given by the foreigner to the ordinary Kazakhs, who has no state regalia and privileges, man of the people.

There are not so many examples in life, when already in the lifetime of the person there is written research. Rustemov earned such attention of Iranians to himself. Here what Asghar Saberi, Ph.D., cultural counselor of the Embassy of Iran to Kazakhstan writes in his scientific work “The great merit of the writer” dedicated to Rustemov: “According to what has been said about the value of the writer, we are obliged to respect and appreciate scholars and writers. In this regard, we express our sincere respect for one of the greatest writers, of course, works of respected Bakhyt Rustemov have an important and high profile. He always expressed his views and constructive comments to strengthen friendship, cultural and historical ties between the peoples of Iran and Kazakhstan. With great reverence and respect all appreciate his services. Undoubtedly, the merits of this wise and respected man are clear evidence of the great scientist, writer and journalist. Reverence and respect for his help spread knowledge among young people and all layers of society” (21). So this is the way the representatives of world culture and world diplomacy evaluate the activities of Kazakh writer. Impossible to say better. The scientist from another country said, instead of me, about the way to appreciate the talents in the country, in particular the intellectual of the people.

In confirmation of the truthfulness of the statements of the Iranian diplomat Mr. Asghar Saberi I note that Rustemov at different times repeatedly passed candidate minimums for the protection of a degree. However, it is, after all, depended on his financial situation. Not an easy life, and sometimes tragic did not give him the opportunity to implement his plan. But despite the difficulties that fell to his lot, he bore them with dignity and never stop, as he believed that it refers to no receipt of a formal degree of learning, but in particular to the benefits that he brings to his people and country.

Here what Laysan Galyiev (Adygea. Russia) writes: “In Belarus Bakhyt Rustemov was elected a member of the jury at the International Competition of Russian poetry and literature. All members of the competition (20 persons) are representatives of the Slavic peoples from different countries. Rustemov is the only person awarded with great honor, not only by the Kazakh people, but also by all Turkic peoples!”.

Counselor of the Embassy of the United States culture, writer Jeffrey Sexton notes that "Bakhyt Rustemov today is the only Kazakh Americanists who knows American literature in detail. Study of American culture in Kazakhstan begins from the papers of Rustemov. We are surprised and amazed that such a book encyclopedia as “Property of world literature” was written by one person, whereas usually large labor collectives write such”.

Great interest was aroused in China by the edition of his book “The Great China in space and time” (22). Adviser to the President of Uzbekistan on national issues, director of the International Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan poet, writer Nasriddin Muhammadiyev notes that Rustemov writing about friendship of the peoples of the world - is a worthy son both of the Kazakh and Uzbek peoples (23).

In the days of Rustemov’s anniversary their special reverence and great respect for the Kazakh writer were expressed by ambassadors of Japan Kamahara Masayoshi, Latvia Yuris Maklakovs, Lithuania Rokas Bernotas, Republic of South Africa Shirish M. Soni, India Ashok Kumar Sharma, Cuba Carlos Valdez, Vietnam Nguyen Van Hoa, Vatican Maury Buendia, Venezuela Jose Miguel, as well as other diplomats from the embassies of France, Bulgaria, Romania, Venezuela, Ukraine, Turkey wished to personally take part in the event dedicated to his 60th anniversary. Contribution of Rustemov to Kazakhstan and world culture diplomat said foreign countries (24). Embassies of various countries invite to their country, where he was, along with world-famous personalities, accepted by Heads of State.

The house in which he lives Rustemov considered one of international cultural center in Astana. Foreign guests name his house “House of Friendship of Peoples”. The diplomats, writers, stars of world music, world cinema are interested in literary activities of Kazakh writer. Ambassadors of Cuba Abelardo Fabio Hernandez Ferrer and his wife, and Carlos de la Concepcion Valdes and his wife, Ambassador of Mongolia Zhagir Suhee with his wife, Ambassador of Venezuela to Iran and Kazakhstan Amenotep Zambrano Contreras, Charge d'Affaires of Venezuela to Kazakhstan, Jose Miguel, Romanian Ambassador Emil Rapcha with his wife, Ambassador Nguyen Van Hoa, Indian Ambassador Ashok Kumar Sharma and his wife, Ambassador of Lithuania Rokas Bernotas and his wife, Ambassador of Latvia Maklakovs with his wife, Ambassador of Hungary Imre Laslotski, Slovenian Ambassador Peter Hughes, counselor of the Embassy of Japan Hiroyuki Imahasi, sovetnik- Minister of the Embassy of South Korea Jin Ki juice - Advisor to the Ambassador of Korea Han Seung-chin and his wife, an adviser to Iranian Ambassador Muhammadpur, Consul of Bulgaria Stefan Gurgushnikov with his wife, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Cuba Miguel Sanchez Ordonez and his wife, Cuban hero astronaut hero of the USSR and Cuba Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez, a Cuban writer Arnaldo Cristobal, well-known Russian television and radio journalist Kipras Mažeika, Hollywood movie star Kerry Tagawa, a famous Ukrainian poetess Natalya Varenik, chairman of People's Party of Crimea Vasvi Abduraimov, public figure of Crimea Rustem Khalilov, the Cuban Stars, Kazakhstan stage and others visited his house.

Deliberately to wish a happy birthday, Palestinian Ambassador Abuola Hussein, Ambassador of Egypt Abdallah Umar Alornasi, Iraqi Ambassador Razhih al-Musawi, Lebanese Ambassador Vazken Kavlyakan, Ambassador of Jordan Slayman Arabiat and others came to Rustemov.

Briefly I cite a number of opinions and statements about the Kazakh publicist. Here's what was said in 2004 about the Kazakh publicist by the known sports veteran in the post-soviet space an author of several books Lion Ezhevsky (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine): “Bakhyt Rustemov is a great writer”. Zohra Aliyeva, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy (Baku, Azerbaijan. 2011): "With the amazing soul. A human being with a big H. Indeed, the Kazakh people can be proud of its great son in the face of Bakhyt Rustemov”. For example, the chairman of the Writers' Union of Vietnam, Mr. Huu Tinh says (2012): "Bakhyt Rustemov doing a great job, bringing together the culture of our peoples”. Gavril Androsov, deputy chairman of the Union of writers of Yakutia states: “I find it interesting to be with my Turkic brother Bakhyt Rustemov”. Kerry Tagawa, actor, star of Hollywood (USA): “I am grateful to Kazakh writer for his peaceful and friendly attitude”.

The first Cuban cosmonaut, African-American Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez: “Next to a man like Bakhyt Rustemov one can feel fine. He is a man of peace and friendship”.

“I wish you continued success in your wonderful work of the journalist and writer. I hope we'll meet again with you. Best regards, Norbert Jousten. EU Ambassador to Kazakhstan. 2010”.

Stephen Tull, UN ambassador to Kazakhstan, “Yes, you have an interesting book. To tell his people about the nations of the world is a good job. I want to give you the UN a badge”.

“To Bakhitkhozha Rustemov! On behalf of the American people, I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2015!” - Teresa Grenchik, Consul General of the United States. 

Ralif Nurislamov, labor veteran, former employee of the Foreign Ministry of the USSR (Moscow (Russia): “I read and gasped your two documents! You quite deserve a place of approximately three ministers. Does Kazakhstan become rich so quickly in talents, if you are with your mind and preparation stand much higher than any citizen of the country? You are not only a writer, but rather the universal development of personality!”.

Poet Kae Mori (Japan): I and Bakhyt Rustemov are old friends. He is a great patriot of his country”.  Poet Alex Pausides (Cuba): “It turns out that a lot of Cubans know Bakhyt Rustemov. And I am pleased to have you as a friend”. The poet Fernando Rendon (Colombia): “It is the first time to meet with representatives of the Kazakh people. I see how the Kazakhs are generous and friendly people”.

“Dear Bakhyt! I looked your site and read what is there. I ask you to place in a review of my thoughts and words about you and your business creators. It is my sincere words to you. I want to express to you my most sincere admiration and gratitude for what you have saved a spiritual inner potential, and today any journalist, writer, as a creator of the future and the one who can adjust and change the past, bears a great responsibility to the Great Creator of all the worlds for all it created. Sometimes the word works as the “butterfly effect” and can destroy many worlds simultaneously. Your word carries love, care, mirotvorit, because you bring great benefit primarily to the Kazakh people, which I love very much. Has a certain ability to look into the past of the peoples, I have visited the Kazakh history museum in Astana and touched the ancient artifacts. And then I saw the story as it is and felt all the pain and suffering of Kazakhs revering God's core values. Only Kazakhs honor poets, as the voice of God, as bearers of the future and those who create new elements of the world, and only by means of these new elements evolution of any nation is possible. If a country does not honor poets and writers, creators, a country does not evolve, but can first mill about, and then even involution may start. While there are you and your colleagues, creating a world of kindness and love, a world where there is concern about the future of all humanity, Kazakhstan will develop and get a beautiful and exciting future. As a woman being today the pain of all the earth, consider Kazakhstan a part of my soul, and with all my heart I love this country and I wish your country prosperity, I wish you to feel that the XXI century and the Creator Himself gives to people like you so many years of life as you wish and the ability to create in the building, not knowing illness and grief. My wish to you is so hard and so sincerely that it will come true. Journalist, writer, poet, philosopher, general director of the association “New Planetary Television M”, the author of more than 40 important social projects Karpinskaya Maria. Moscow. (Russia).

In January 2014, the public face of the Crimea in the People's Party "Milli Firka" addressed to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the opening of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Consulate General of Kazakhstan for closer cultural and economic ties. And for this position, they asked, if possible, taking into account the wish of Crimean, to appoint Bakhitkhozha Rustemov (25). The peoples of the Crimea are very warm and speak highly of Kazakh writer and peacekeepers Rustemov (26)

Yuri Ossiyan, a famous poet (Ukraine): "I heartily congratulate you on the election of a member of the jury of Russian poetry and literature. You more than anyone deserves it, and as a person and as a friend, and as a writer”. Ildar Gainullin known composer, lyricist (Russia): "I warmly congratulate you on your election Bakhyt as a member of the jury of Russian poetry. You rightly deserve it”.

Natalia Varenik, poet, laureate of international literary awards, a member of the Writers' Union of Ukraine, member of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (Ukraine): “The life style of Rustemov is unique: with faithful companion and wife Raushan Seitova, the writer traveled whole Kazakhstan. Both in the Kazakh fierce frosts up to - 40 degrees and in the summer heat up to 40, they travel at their own expense - where by the old car, where by public transport- to speak to their readers, common citizens of the country. It happens that librarians forget to warn the readers and there is the audience of several people only. It pains to see the effort spent! However, the writer does not consider even these meetings as wasted time, it is important to him to bring his creativity to common Kazakhstani people. What's interesting is that - eminent laureates of literary prizes in Kazakhstan generally do not go far than capital...

The first person in the country, who made an attempt to translate into the Kazakh the selected works of writers with a worldwide reputation - Murad Aji and Ernst Muldashev, the only one who translated in 2005 into the Kazakh the works of Nobel Prize winners John Steinbeck and William Faulkner, he remains humble writer. Readers are surprised that he does not have the funds to publish his books not only an edition of 100 copies, but not even 50.... Himself Rustemov huddles in a tiny office, which is converted from the loggia, where it is very cold in winter, but the shelves piled high with books and gifts from friends heat up. There he wrote at nights - sitting on the funny folding chair in front of a monitor with warm sheepskin slippers, terribly tired, but happy that he lives in a magical world of literature. And the world he has – is really interesting, he published a book about extraterrestrial civilizations and was the first in Kazakhstan who commented in the press the evolutionary theory of Darwin. According to him, the very world history refutes this doctrine... Rustemov rose to fame through meetings with people and the Internet, where he has hundreds of thousands of friends on social networks and on literary websites.

Interregional Union of Writers of Ukraine awarded Bakhyt Rustemov in connection with his 60th anniversary for his great contribution to the friendship between our nations and literatures, as well as the fruitful creative activity with the B. Grinchenko Literary Prize. But perhaps the depth of the creative personality of this man is described better by our trip to the historical monuments, mausoleum Kabanbai Batyr the Kazakh troops commander, one of the national heroes, organized resistance of the Kazakh people against Jungar invasion in the XVIII century, undertaken at the initiative of Rustemov. Stunning Kazakh steppe with feather grass clinking of frosty air, the ancient hills of nameless graves and mausoleums original solution - in the form of a military helmet - make a lasting impression. I will long remember Rustemov - a worthy son of his people, prayerfully bowed before the memorial of the great commander. He was quietly talking something to his hero, probably asked to send him fortitude on the difficult thorny path...


Participation in the fight against crime or

one soldier makes a battle


I think my story about Rustemov is not quite objective, fair and complete if hide from the public his bold actions worthy of support and encouragement that he is, due to the excessive modesty, many years hiding from others. Following his act worthy of emulation. There is a concept where there is no statute of limitations. Therefore, no matter how many years had passed, bold actions for the benefit of people and society have the right to be evaluated at any time.

When he was homeless and unemployed at times (1995-2005), the writer, to survive, was engaged in buying and selling. With the money made he fed the family. Life faced him, like many other people with racketeering. For refusing bandits he got penetrating stab injury of the heart zone (1993). Only thanks to the doctors he stayed alive.

Rustemov is 63. He passed the way from the worker (1969) to the responsible officer of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2001-2008.). During his lifetime, he had to deal with the bandits more than once. They robbed repeatedly the store of his wife (1998-2008), stole a car (2007). In the difficult years for the people and the country (1989-1995), he was engaged in small business market. Racketeers kept on the hop. They tracked his car down and were going to steal a car. People advised not to go to the car, they said – “They will kill you!”. Rustemov did not want to refuse “Zhiguli”, a single “meal ticket” of his family. He said: “Let them kill me! They, the bandits, force the whole market to cry!”. There were two in “Zhiguli”. There was a fight. One hit him with knife in the chest and began to run away (1993). The second gunman wanted to finish Rustemov. Despite the injury, he lashed out with his last strength in the second, knocked him down. He knew that if gangster run away, he would not prove that he was attacked. The police were called and Rustemov passed the bandit and a knife. Bleeding and weakening Rustemov taken away by "Emergency" - resuscitation, a long seven-hour operation. Severe wounds still tell. When he returned from the hospital to the market again to sell, people were happy to tell him that the market was calm and thanked him for his courage and bravery, and for the fact that they already stopped paying tribute to the bandits.

The second time (2001) there were also threats from bandits, robbing businesses, raped women and killed any innocent people just for the fact that their demands were not met. Bandits (racketeering) set specific conditions (27), the failure to execute which threatened severe punishment for the family. But he stopped the banditry, risking his life and family. It should be noted there has not been such act of his in the country yet. And in other countries - this is probably an unattainable luxury when a man's life is a choice: either comply with the requirements of bandits, take all their conditions, or disobeying them, condemn himself and his family at the trials. To understand how a difficult situation was, how hard it was for Rustemov and his family in those days, you'd have to be in this situation. Bandits reasonably informed all their victims that they knew all about him and his family, relatives and friends, and that it was useless to complain to the police, it would even worsen. Fear of heavily armed bandits forced people to be led by the nose by them. The people hoped that they would be protected by someone from bandits, thugs, there was none. Everyone survived as best he could.

When Rustemov saw his relative beaten beyond recognition and heard his story that he had been told to convey their demands to the owner: bring $ 1,500 them, pay them $ 100 every day, and to provide a car for every night. Rustemov unhesitatingly decided that it was necessary to stop these bandits. He realized that the more people remained silent, the more crimes happened. And who, if not he?! The bandits told his beaten relative, how they had killed the rebellious people. Of course, Rustemov could, like everyone else, pay tribute to the bandits and not invite trouble, stay calm. But he had only one desire to stop the criminals. He knew that every day or week the number of those killed, tortured, raped and tortured people would increase.

At the family council the wife, an eleven-year son, nine-year-daughter and miraculously surviving relative were strongly opposed to apply to the police. Fear gripped their consciousness, and they were in prostration. All that the wife could say – was the thought to drop everything and leave this cursed city. In those early days, and later, a few months before the trial, they were afraid to open the door. It was terrible to go out. Before attacking the bandits studied more than one month the life and environment of their future victim. The area where Rustemov lived was considered war zone, there were many drug addicts. In the evening, they tried not to leave the house.

As luck would have it home phone was out of operation. No cell phones existed. From the apartment to the police office there was about twenty minutes walk. Rustemov warned his household not to open the door to anyone, and not to leave the apartment. Himself turning to God said: “All is God's will! Please support me!” and boldly went out to the police office. It was early morning. Residential Quarter. But few people were in the street. If the bandits traced they could attack suddenly and twisting thrust into the car. Then it would be the end: a man disappeared as the other victims of the bandits. No one can find anything. Especially bandits began to get nervous and were going to take time off to look for needy guy.

If there was a delay for another 15-20 minutes the bandits in the first place would have came to the house where he lived. All of them would have become clear once he run, so could notify the police. They understood that delay for them - was a crash, the catastrophe, the end of the heavenly life. As, every day they took the girls about the restaurants, sauna, rented flats by means of the money that they received as a result of racketeering, extortion, robbery. They had one solution: they had to take tough and harsh measures and prevent the police notification. In those moments Rustemov’s fate was under desicion. Criminals had nothing to lose. Because they were responsible not just for looting, extortion, rape, but also for murders. Road to the police office seemed interminable and eternal to Rustemov, all sorts of thoughts passed through his mind... What if some members of the gang would not be condemned? They could take revenge. Then, as sometimes happens, any band could have a protection racket, i.e. supporting persons from law enforcement and other authorities… Just the other day, he noticed that first gray hair appeared on his head.

Rustemov was just a few minutes ahead of bandits: anxious by the escape they built their daring and cruel punishment plans against Rustemov. The sudden police attack caught them flatfooted. Rustemov personally participated in the capture of the bandits. Police videotaped. Now when the bandits were captured, Rustemov believed that everyone else would be caught and prosecuted. However, he and his family for several years worried about their fate, as not all were caught. And because the bandits said that those who remained uncaught would take revenge. To understand the scale of heroism, heavy feeling in those days, put, dear reader, yourself instead of Rustemov, him and his family.    

While all had heard about the audacious bandits in the capital and disappearances of people. No one knew where from and to whom they would come. They came to their victims suddenly. They took everything, set conditions and left. Unfortunately, no one was intended to notify the police. Nobody wanted to have problems and even more so to be vindicated by the bandits. All, without exception, fulfilled obediently the requirements of bandits before Rustemov. People who failed to fulfill the requirements of the perpetrators disappeared without a trace.

Rustemov being aware of the complexity of the situation, grief and trouble which were posed to society by bandits, decided: to let the better it will be the last victim of the bandits than an endless series of other deaths and tears. The victims of the bandits were people of different nationalities. The police were in flak jackets with automatic weapons. Rustemov as a civilian man walked without any protective equipment. If the bandits resisted, as so often happens today may be Rustemov had not been among us... Thanks to the courage and bravery of Rustemov the criminals were caught. They found two combat pistols with a silencers, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, shotgun, rifle, police uniforms, police baton, brass knuckles and other arsenals of criminal activity. The gang consisted of eleven people. Among them were women. But on the dock there were only seven. The rest went into hiding. While the court lasted many months the writer and his family were protected by the paramilitary guards. The court sentenced the three bandits to death, others to long prison terms. Astana newspaper “Info-Tses” telling about those dramatic days of the capital wrote that bloody string of crimes linked the bandits of different cities to one fate. Unfortunately, some of the crimes were never disclosed (28)

From all this it follows, and we know that in life anything can happen ... And then in peacetime there are a feat and heroism. The feat and heroism committed in peacetime has the right to be understood and considered as unique, extraordinary, and by the status even higher than in wartime. During the war, there is mass heroism. In peacetime, the very few are bent on risk-bearing heroism, feat... Are we aware and do we appreciate that Rustemov manifested himself twice heroically in the difficult hours and days for the people and society? What is the name of his act? And it has been made by the same as the rest of us, a common ordinary person. In 2012 his act was briefly discussed in the local newspaper and was told on the site of city government, where citizens proposed him to participate in the city competition “Astana tandauy – 2012”. The competition was familiar not only to the inhabitants of the capital, but also to whole Kazakhstan, and even abroad.

At this competition Rustemov ranked first. He got a call from the media: television, radio, newspapers and was said that they would come to interview him like a winner. He had already been congratulated by thousands of people ... even from other cities and friends from distant countries. Among the fans and voting, a former Ambassador of Ukraine to Kazakhstan, but then was already Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia Vasily Tsybenko congratulated on his victory. However, after half a day Rustemov was reported that the nomination, in which he participated, is removed from the list of awards... ?! Have you ever heard of or encountered something like this in other countries? As a result, thousands of people were surprised, shocked and disappointed by the actions of the city authorities which organized a competition. Thousands of people wrote, called Rustemov and said that he was a true folk hero of the capital and the country. Also in 2012, under various pretexts his candidacy in deputies of the city maslikhat was withdrawn.

Earlier in 2008, under the pretext of the 10th anniversary of the capital his single small trade pavilion of 3x7 meters in size was destroyed. All that ugliness that was happening around Rustemov, surprised many friends. Of course, like any man, he knew who and what was behind all these baseless unfair to him. By nature a humble, kind and decent Rustemov experienced, even was down to the hospital more than once. But most of all Rustemov’s octogenarian mother worried. She was "Mother-heroine” who gave birth and brought up twelve children. Forty years she worked as a school teacher. She was surprise and amazed with the callousness of some people from the government, among those were women.

My opinion and the opinion of other people: the feat accomplished twice for the welfare of society, the country, the welfare of his countrymen should be adequately appreciated by the state. It’s better late than never. And it is necessary, first of all, not for the  son of nation Rustemov, but for the people, for the nation. There is a need to show that in life there is always a kind and good act, a feat for the people, for the sake of the country. It is his courage, bravery and heroism in the name of well-being that is an example to all the people of the world, especially young people, no matter what country they live. It is his act that should be known to as many people as possible in the world. You should write books and make movies. Such acts do not occur every day, and not everyone dares to such decision, especially about their health and well-being. if it were not the feat of Rustemov how many innocent people would have been tortured, raped and killed. With the capture of the bandits capital had a sigh of relief. People learned about the unprecedented heroism of one man against the atrocities of criminals, were amazed and surprised more than one year. In the courtroom, and after the trial, people did not hide their emotions, tears of joy and sorrow. People could not believe that finally bandits, murderers, were judged who only recently scoffed at them. It was especially hard for those whose relatives had been killed by the criminals.

Media reported the capture of the bandits, racketeers and success of their detention, but not a word was said about a man who was the initiator and organizer of the success of the police in the fight against organized crime in the capital. For example, the metropolitan newspaper “Info-Tses” in 2001 in its article “And the eternal battle” reported the criminal groups in the country: “From the beginning of year, the 19 gangs were suppressed, more than 140 organized crime groups were eliminated, 91 cases were sent to the court - reported Deputy Interior Minister Major-General Bulat Bayzhassarov at the press conference. - Just the other day in Astana there was detained a group of seven people. The police uniform, 6-7 masks, a Kalashnikov rifle, shotgun, 2 pistols with a silencer were withdrawn from them. In South Kazakhstan region three leaders of the criminal group were detained”. Today still people speak of racketeering in the markets of the country, levying tribute to entrepreneurs, but who of them decided to break this vicious crime?

Here is one of many reviews about Rustemov. A veteran of three wars Boribay Kulmanov, a member of the Soviet-Finnish War (1939-1940), Second World War (1941-1945), a participant of establishment of the EastTurkestanRepublic in China (1944-194) says: “I learned and saw a lot in this life. I have injuries that manifest themselves to this day. Rustemov’s act to capture criminals, risking his life, who brought misfortune, misery and woe to the people - a heroism equals the heroism in the war. If people risked their lives in the war for the liberation of their country from the invaders, Rustemov also risked his life not once, but twice, to indemnify and save the people from bandit-parasites. If it were not for his decisive action against the bandits, then, how much misery and sorrow, dead would be among people is known to God alone. Not everyone has the courage, bravery and decided on such actions. One can only admire with his actions. And the more such people in the world the more order and prosperity there is. One even celebrates the exploits and bravery of heroes for saving people on fire, for the rescue of drowning, and so on. Rustemov manifested feat and heroism twice. His feat has to be adequately evaluated. This is an example for the youth”.

Unfortunately, there is some greyness, people who ignore the good and good deeds, looking at the real patriots, real sons and daughters - devoting themselves and their life to their people and country - disingenuouslyand and tartly. These are negative, we can say dishonest people who are not capable of good deeds and good acts, unable to love people, downplay the role of such outstanding personalities as Rustemov who selflessly go to a noble risk. Ordinary people are not just convinced and admired Rustemov’s feat. His modesty made him stay away from prying journalists. When surrounding people were in sorrow, he had no moral right to, as he says himself, praise his acts to capture the bandits. Populist people by any means would have long touted their heroism and feat, showing the wounds and upholstering the thresholds of influential bodies and structures. But not Rustemov. He has nothing to regret in his life. And as always he is calm. But it is his Olympian serenity that worry people close to him. His health is not the same...

For twenty-two years injuries sustained by bandits in the heart area try the hero of my story Rustemov a good deal. But for so many years he never complained about his health nor destiny. Bravely enduring all the hardships of life. Even when he was unjustly cut when he was working in the public service, the land was withdrawn and a small trade pavilion was demolished. So only deeply decent, really modest, very modest people can live in this way. All the experiences a person always hides inside. And how it would end, probably known to many...

The whole history of tireless fighter against crime twice ended up that the police officers involved in the capture of the bandits with Rustemov were awarded with prizes and rewards, but the writer once suffered from gang robberies remained aloof. There were not mentioned even simple human thanks. The question: “Why did you stay without encouragement and rewards?”. Rustemov replied: “Your question is not for me. I fulfilled my duty”. People aware of his heroism are surprised about the inaction of government agencies, which by the nature of their activities were to pay attention to the rarely seen phenomenon of patriotism and heroism of the citizens. Will our callousness cause that, as usual, we praise and give an adequate assessment to a man when he is no longer among us? I do not doubt the validity of a decent assessment of the heroic deed of Rustemov sooner or later prevail. Perhaps the next generation. However I would like to have done it by today’s contemporaries.

After all we assume people as heroes, unique personalities who have achieved great success in the sport. The media writes about them, the documentaries are made. They receive some privileges for their contribution to the sport of the country. State rewards cash rewards, cars, apartments, awards orders and medals, etc. Yes, they are great heroes. However, the value and usefulness to people and society of the actions committed by Rustemov at the risk of his life and his family, and twice, and thus preventing the criminals from committing more murders, rapes, extortion, etc., I believe – is the highest heroism.

Looking back from a distance of many years, life experience, repeatedly raised the topic of the human factor, and a factor of society I know what support is there among the people to his talented unique sons and daughters, appreciating and loving all the new progressive, non-standard things that bring success and prestige of the nation. People, nation, the country failing to appreciate innovative and advanced individuals given by God for their advancing, in the assessment of global intellectual level risk to take place at the end of the list. Ability to show the world their talents and their heroes - is the ability to show the nation. Advancement of the individual is an indicator of advancement of the nation. Pay attention to these countries how they are able to show their intellectuals - Japan, America, India, Russia, China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and others. Speaking at the Youth Forum (April, 2015) the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that Canadians if a resident of the southern regions is going to work to the north of the country, he is already considered a hero. And how would Canadians appreciate a man who was ready more than once to give his life for the welfare of his countrymen? I think not difficult to guess

Writers such as Rustemov like no other, know the value of human life, see the difference between humanism and animal face of criminals who seek by their actions to violate peace and stability in any society. I recall a thought expressed by one of the great ancient Turks Barysbek Hagan:

Аттан аттың несі артық.

Асыра басқан ізі артық.

Ерден ерден несі артық,

Ел үшін күйген жаны артық.

Interlinear translation:

What is the difference between two coursers,

That one rushes quickly off.

What is the difference between two fellows

That one is full with sacrificial love to the Fatherland.

That's just lived most of his life a hero of my story, worthy son of his nation, a worthy son of mankind Bakhitkhozha Rustemov.




My long-term study of the comments and opinions about Rustemov both of his compatriots and of the representatives of the international community (writers, poets, scientists, diplomats, journalists and others) give me reason to conclude, and I join with those who:

Firstly, consider the academician Bakhitkhozha Rustemov as classic of Kazakhstan journalism (genres: political journalism, international journalism, journalism translation).

Secondly, I join those who believe Rustemov is “pioneer of public diplomacy in Kazakhstan and Central Asia” and “pioneer of international journalism in Kazakhstan and Central Asia” (29).

Third, I want to note about the opinion of the ambassadors of foreign countries, which are usually very modest in expressing their opinions on any issue. As ambassadors and other diplomats are entitled to express their opinions and views on behalf of their people and the state, I believe that the Kazakh classic-publicist Rustemov as an individual is given the highest ratings in his multi-faceted activities of peaceful rapprochement of cultures and peoples of the world.

Fourth, given the fact that each national journalism is part of the world of journalism, then we can assume Kazakh writer-publicist - also a classic of world journalism. Even more the world community appreciates the contribution of Rustemov to world culture.

It is also important to note here that: it is believed that the more solid the social position of the person giving feedback is, the higher its credibility is, the higher degree is, the greater his merits are, the weighty is the opinion, the review to whom it is dedicated. I came to the conclusion that the reviews for Rustemov were given and still are given by the honored and well-known in their fields people both from Kazakhstan and the world community. And then, in fairness we ask: “And how many people have we met in Kazakhstan, engaged in multifaceted activities at the same time in different fields?”.

Fifth, and so, we see a rare phenomenon of man during his lifetime, achieved huge success thanks to his life-affirming non-standard position, the bold creativity, innovation. Rustemov is a man of creative thinking, i.e. a representative of avant-creatively-minded representatives of humanity (30), whose aspirations are aimed at rapprochement of cultures and friendship among peoples of the world.

Sixth, that surprises and amazes me is the fact that all his work to promote his countrymen, his people and the country, is at the account of a modest family budget.

Seventh, no doubt the fact that the full force and power of the works of the Kazakh classic -journalist eventually are to be supported by an even greater number of advanced minds of mankind in many parts of the world. As with every year his works gain lasting value and are a reflection of reality, not only the development of the Kazakhstan over the past quarter of a century, but also a reflection of the whole life of the entire world community.

Eighth, he himself and his books are already part of world culture, as they are maintained in many libraries, scientific, cultural and diplomatic centers around the world.

Ninth, when Rustemov works on a new another book, in advance there is a demand for work not been issued, by a number of embassies accredited in Kazakhstan and individuals.

Tenth, both at home and far beyond it the meetings, exhibitions, scholarly articles, poems, videos and so on are devoted to him. For example, here is the quatrain dedicated to Rustemov by Saveliy Khaustov from St. Petersburg (Russia):

Let all turn out insanely easy

And let you be ever lucky!

Live, smile, forget the bad!

Let it be your best way of life.

Eleventh, on Rustemov’s personal site and on other sites of the Internet resource you can find many dedications to the Kazakh writer-publicist (31). He, for his part, by holding exhibitions of his books and photo exhibitions, develops and strengthens the friendship between the two countries and is the initiator of the new international cultural traditions in the field of public diplomacy.

Twelfth, life more than once forced him to face racketeering. He could, like many others, pay tribute to the bandits, and live in peace. Despite the fact that the first time he miraculously survived thanks to the doctors, the second time he consciously and decisively combated against bandits. If the first time he was alone against two bandits, then the second time he was forced to ask for support from the police. As he knew that the gang consisted of more than ten people. This is a man whose courage knows no boundaries. Only true heroes can act so. Speaking at the Youth Forum (April, 2015) the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that Canadians if a resident of the southern regions is going to work to the north of the country, this man is already considered a hero. How would Canadians appreciated the behavior of a man who was ready to protect the weak and for the sake of public order, sought to give their lives peace and the welfare of his countrymen?

It is people like Rustemov, who no doubt become heroes during war, defending their homeland, their land and their people. Wherever he worked, he served faithfully and honestly doing his duty to his people and the state. He worked in the financial and tax services of the republic, and other responsible government agencies. He has always been alien to cronyism, corruption, protectionism, and other negative phenomena, sometimes occurring in society.

Rustemov never aspired to awards, and was not a careerist. Should he had a strong desire he could have a reward, and the corresponding positions. Always he believed in and hoped for a just solution of the country's leadership. If many people became known after receiving state awards, or after receiving high positions in the country, Rustemov, as a neat and decent man, has demonstrated and proved that man can without winning and regulations become a recognized, respected, even loved one in society and achieve great success in his field. As we can see from my research Rustemov, even in his lifetime, has become a nice person, a legendary figure. But the love and recognition of the people is the highest evaluation and reward for anyone: from the leadership of the state to the street cleaner. We must talk about Rustemov so as the succeeding generations, including today's young people know how to live and whose example to follow (32).

Thirteenth, the aim of the author is to draw the attention of the Kazakhstan society and the world community on the way of life of ordinary people. They're ordinary people with no provisions and jewels in society, make up the bulk of any State, the cost of his life set an example of heroism for the benefit of the well-being of their country and for the good of mankind.

Fourteenth, he would be known to a lot more people in the country and abroad, if it was not for his excessive modesty. He does not like to appear in public. If he has to, he does it unwillingly. His great humility and decency is the fact that he never talked about his courageous actions in the fight against the bandits. All I have to learn from the people close to him. Not that it matters, but even some relatives did not know what he was doing, what productive work is done by their relative.

Fifteenth, academician Bakhitkhozha Rustemov is pride of the nation, the pride of our time and treasure, not only our country, but the property of the world community.

Sixteenth, I must admit for my seventy-year life for the first time I meet a person achieved so much success and comprehensive recognition. If anyone knows such examples, please declare publicly: people should know their heroes. The organizing committee of the Belarusian Union of Writers “Polotsk Branch” assigned the representative of the Kazakh people as the member of the jury for the competition of poetry, literature and drama of the Slavic peoples. I note that the jury, which is dominated by representatives of the Slavic peoples, which is natural, Rustemov is also the only representative of the Turkic world. Russian culture holds one of the most important places in the world culture. Rustemov being the brightest representative of the Kazakh and Russian culture more than once successfully represented his people and his country at major international forums. Worthy representation abroad of successes and achievements of the nation – is the pride and prestige for all the people and country.

Seventeenth, Rustemov thru his whole life demonstrated and proved to people that you can live and be humble, honest, decent. He is 63. He lived and lives today, showing the world who Kazakhs are, and what kind of Asian people who have no fear of any transitional periods, no trials and no crime (extortion, banditry) are. If necessary, he is ready today to sacrifice himself for the sake of his people and for the people of the world. In his younger years, he wanted to work in the space science, and later asked to go to Afghanistan, later to the elimination of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, but he was responded that when it was needed to, they would call upon.

He worked as a journalist in the phosphate plant, where he visited all the shops, in the safe and dangerous, to write a decent article on decent work. The workers loved him for his courageous and hard-working character as not every journalist dared to be in hazardous workshops where people get exposure. He fulfilled in full his duty as a citizen and patriot of the Fatherland, now it's time for the people and the country to assess relevantly the work of its worthy son Bakhitkhozha Rustemov.         

Eighteenth, no doubt that you, a reader, met a lot in your lifetime. However, you do not meet often a person with such a difficult and, at the same time, interesting life, full of optimism, patriotism, heroism and innovation. To be able not to break down in moments of despair and hopelessness, be able to find a way out of seemingly hopeless situation is within the range of strong people. Here such men as Bakhitkhozha Rustemov are backbone of life, society, country and the world as a whole.

I appeal to every reader who has had the opportunity to read this article: I think the life of the hero of my story does not leave anyone cold, and some of you will agree with my conclusions and support me in that I was not in vain to write my investigation.

Nineteenth, Rustemov with his active lifestyle is well-known far beyond the borders of the country. This can be seen from the media (33). For example, Vietnam's Central Television showed more than once the special programs about Rustemov (34). He is common person, namely the common citizen without any privileges and financial capacity, is of great popularity and fame to his people and his country. Thanks to his enthusiasm and patriotism, selfless service the world would learn more about the Kazakhs. From his books one can learn not just a lot about history, culture, traditions and customs of its people, but also other nations of the world.




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Amankeldi Zhumabek,

poet, journalist, writer, essayist, translator,

member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.

Astana. Republika Kazakhstan.